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Briefly about my WONDERFUL husband, Fred and I – My high school sweetheart been together  24 years now and married for 18.  We have 4 beautiful children together, ranging from the ages of 5 to 16 years old. Our kids keep us busy with basketball, cheer, band, ice hockey, soccer and everything else in between, we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Fred and I enjoy taking our kids to sport events, we were both very athletic in our younger days and love the competitive aspect.  For me, having that drive to not to always want to do better, but also wanting to do more. I like to giveback in any which way that I can.

I grew up set on becoming a Correctional Officer for the State of CA. I have many family members in the law enforcement, I figured thats what I want to do too.  Once I graduated from the academy, I quickly learned that being in a maximum-security male prison was NOT for me.  I resigned a month later and figured in my mind, if I can do that, than I CAN DO ANYTHING! Shortly after, I became certified in applying permanent make-up, coached high school tennis, Professional Photographer, currently a franchise owner for a superfood cafe and in between all of this, I’ve been highly involved in Networking and Direct Sales.

My husband, Fred on the other hand has always worked corporate America jobs and has been commuting for over 16 years. We’re looking forward for him, not to have to do that anymore one day.

As you browse my blog, know that I am not a professional blogger/writer, I’m just an outgoing, positive mom who enjoys people, food and life. My passion is to share as many good things in this world with all of you. God knows we can use more GOOD right now!

So stick around and hope you find something GOOD on my blog…..

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